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Where is the Best Place to get hair extensions?


In Florida, at Florida Hair Extensions. Hair extension artist Natalie has 15 years’ experience of doing the hair of some of the most beautiful women. Selecting only the best products for her clients, Hairdreams and Great Lengths; both, 100% natural human virgin hair. Natalie has done more Great Length Hair Extensions 3 years’ in a row than anyone in the U.S. Since she has begun to use Hairdreams Hair Extensions in march 2013, She has already become the number 1 in the nation.

Best application of strand by strand hair extensions in the world, making you’re extensions look natural and are the best way to not damage your hair.



  • About Natalie


    Natalie Dyson has owned and operated Florida Hair Extensions Inc. since 2005. Word of Natalie’s exceptional work has helped build a diverse client base from around the world. Clients travel from such places as Trinidad, New York, Peru, Brazil, The Bahamas, Connecticut, Maine, Minnesota, Indiana and all over the state of Florida.


    Clients include:

    Miss Florida USA 2008, Miss Florida USA 2010-2014, Miss Washington DC USA 2010, Miss Teen Florida USA 2011-2013, Miss Bahamas 2011, Miss Universe contestant 2011, Miss World contestant 2011, Playboy models, actresses, TV, radio personalities, movie celebrities and many prominent women in the public eye who are thrilled with their hair extensions and private about their beauty secret.


    Natalie’s techniques enable her to color clients hair to match the extensions perfectly, customize the extensions to match the clients natural density and cut to give it a completely natural look.


    If anyone can tell you are wearing extensions, they weren’t done by Natalie Dyson.


    Clients are always telling Natalie how other well known stylists tell them:

    "These are the best extensions and application I have ever seen!"


    Natalie Dyson only uses and recommends Hairdreams hair extensions and Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

  • Megan Clementi - Miss Florida USA  2010

    I have always wanted to get hair extensions, but I could not get past all the horror stories. Friends of mine have had the clip-ins, the metal clasps, and other things that ended up ripping out their hair. I naturally had nice hair, but I wanted it to be thicker. Two years ago my friend had Florida Hair Extensions put GREAT LENGTHS in her hair and it was remarkable seeing the difference. Her hair was at least 6 inches longer, thick, and you could not tell where the real hair ended and the new hair began.

    When I won Miss Florida USA 2010, I contacted Florida Hair Extensions immediately and said I have to have GREAT LENGTHS hair extensions. Natalie Dyson was incredibly thorough in explaining the procedure to put

     them in and take them out as well as daily maintenance. Once I met with her, I felt very comfortable. She was so knowledgeable and so sweet that I was no longer worried about the possibility of damaging my natural hair. Natalie was able to order the GREAT LENGTHS hair and 24 hours later it was being bonded into my hair.


    I have now had them in for 2 months and I am amazed at the non-stop compliments. It is crazy that people I see everyday comment on my hair asking, "Did you style it different?" or saying, "Your hair looks gorgeous, what did you do differently. Everyone was shocked when I told them I got GREAT LENGTHS because it looked so natural. Having these hair extensions makes me feel more confident in my day to day life. I find that I less often look for reflections of myself to check out my hair. The best part is that since it is real human hair, when my hair becomes wavy due to the Florida heat so do the extensions. No matter what, you can never tell which strand of hair is yours and which is not. I absolutely LOVE my hair extensions!


    Megan Clementi


  • Lissette Garcia - Miss Florida USA 2011

    Natalie Dyson not only the best, but has a big heart. I used to use those clip ons which were great for a quick run but always ended up sliding off or uncomfortable. I didn't want to deal with those in my lifestyle. And those sew in tracks are horrible, talk about headaches and itching!


    Natalie Dyson from Florida Hair Extensions is amazingly good at her job. I met her prior to the process and we chit chatted on what she does. Great Lengths hair is amazingly soft and natural. Virtually no damage to your own hair because it's fused with Keratin Protein hairs, skin, and nails natural structural protein.


    My goodness this is like discovering the fountain of youth for your hair. I have done so many treatments, cuts, colors, Brazilian blow out, etc....just to find the result were very temporary and never achieved what I wanted.


    Now with my new extensions from Great Lengths and Natalie's follow up, I cannot hear it enough, "YOU HAVE AMAZING HAIR." "SO HEALTHY LOOKING." "YOU REALLY TAKE CARE OF IT, DON'T YOU?' goes on and on. NO LIE. You can look at my pictures and see for yourself.


    Natalie Dyson from Florida Hair Extensions is passionate about her career and very knowledgeable about her products. She specializes in Great Lengths hair extensions because she enjoys giving you beautiful long, healthy looking hair.


    I'm glad that I have the opportunity to meet her and be her client. She is a wonderful sponsor for the Miss Florida USA family, which I am very thankful for.


    Thank you Natalie,

    Love you

    Lissette Garcia

  • MiKyle Crockett - Miss Florida Teen USA 2011

    Best Hair Extensions Around !!!. Florida Hair Extensions is the absolute BEST!!!!!!!!!! Great Lengths Hair Extensions made my hair long and luxurious with lots of volume and body. It's easy to maintain and lasts for months and always looks naturally beautiful. Natalie Dyson is the ultimate personal stylist. My hair color, texture, and cut were the perfect match and I receive compliments everywhere I go. The best part is my natural hair is healthier, thicker and longer with a no damage or hair loss, unlike other extension processes. Great location and comfortable environment!! I drive all the way from Jacksonville and it is completely worth it!


    I love Great Lengths and Natalie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    MiKyle Crockett


  • Sydney Martinez - Miss Florida Teen USA  2012

    My experience with Natalie Dyson of Florida Hair Extensions was like none other. Before I had extensions, I always dreamed of having long, perfect, thick hair and my dream came true. Her work and style is amazing! She always does her best and gives her all in all that she does. She always made me feel beautiful and confident and I will always thank her for that! Natalie Dyson is truly one of a kind.


    Great Lengths Hair Extensions are the best extensions I've ever used! The way they match with your hair is insane. Not only are they easy to take care of but

    they're so easy to wash, style, and have fun with. The quality is perfect and never feels damaged. It's been soft since day one. I highly recommend Great Lengths Extensions to everyone. You'll never go back to your old extensions!


    Sydney Martinez


  • Method of Application

    3200 Thermal System


    THE ORIGINAL. The system that has become the standard by which all other extension systems are judged has put extension services into the mainstream! This still unrivaled system produces results simply not possible with any other system. The Great Lengths 3200 applicator tong is heated on one side. The temperature, which is approximately the same temperature as the lowest setting on a standard curling iron, is used to soften the Great Lengths bond so it can be molded to your natural hair. Unlike other systems, where glue guns and wax melting pots are used, the 3200 applicator allows for a very clean and precise application. The result is undetectable attachments that are brush able, durable and, most importantly, non-damaging to your natural strands.

    Thanks to the automation of the new system, there is no need for the use of hands to place the strands. Therefore, we have reduced the margin of application error to almost zero. This means that the client is guaranteed a perfect symmetrical application with equal distancing between the strands.

    Many strands may be applied at the same time, thus reducing the application times dramatically. Unlike all other extension systems, a client need not sit in a chair for four hours, but may now complete a whole head in less than one hour! This time even includes cutting and styling! A salon can save a lot of precious time with this system and the client feels much happier having to sit in the chair for considerably less time.

    The strands are small and completely flat and are applied underneath the client's own hair. This means that they are extremely comfortable to wear and, most importantly, completely invisible to detect. The bonds are so invisible that they make this method the most natural and most advanced on the market.

    With the Air Pressure system, the hairdresser may personalize his/her hair transfer by placing the colors he/she wants on a special foil paper provided by Great Lengths so that fashionable, trendy highlights may be achieved in just a matter of minutes!


  • About Florida Hair Extensions

    Hair Extensions Do you ever wonder how celebrities change their hairstyles so frequently? The answer: HAIR EXTENSIONS! Until recently, hair extensions were a trade secret of stylists everywhere. Today, hair extensions are more affordable and hair friendly which means that you don't have to be a celebrity to have a great hairstyle. For years celebrities have relied upon their stylists to add length, fullness, body and even highlight using hair extensions. These days more than ever, women everywhere are taking advantage of the flexibility that hair extensions bring to their personal sense of style. Hair extensions are the latest fashion accessory!


    Extensions Promote Variety There are a number of varieties of hair extensions. Like a traditional wig, hair extensions come in both natural human hair and synthetic form. Unlike traditional hair extensions, which had to be sewn in to your natural hair, Great Hair Extensions uses a fusion method to attach the extension to your hair at a molecular level making many of today's hair extensions are much more "hair friendly."

    Fort Lauderdale : 954-981-2737


How Long Are You Going to Wait for Long Hair?

Human hair grows approximately 1 cm per month on average. This implies that if you want to have very long hair you have to wait more than 5 years. Let Florida Hair Extensions use the best human hair extensions and you will have up to 24 inch long hair within hours!

This is what many women dream of long, thick healthy hair flowing down to their shoulders in gentle waves.

Until now, only few women have had this dream come true because their own hair is only rarely capable of coping with the strains it is exposed to during all the years it needs to grow.

One of the purposes of natural hair extension is to remedy this matter: our system offers all women the opportunity to make this dream come true!

At Florida Hair Extensions We only use 100% natural human hair so your hair extensions will make you feel more confident, sexy and secure than ever before! Picture Hair Extensions as cosmetic surgery for your hair! In fact, we take our work just as seriously as Cosmetic Surgeons. What is most important is that nobody can tell you're wearing hair extensions.

At your complimentary consultation, we will identify your needs and what look you wish to achieve through your human hair extensions.